hair up or hair down? | the great wedding debate

hair up or hair down? | the great wedding debate

“Bridal hair” is its own thing. It’s romantic hair, which is funny because there is essentially nothing romantic about hair. I’ve always felt like my hair has two speeds – down “and kind of sexy”, or up “and kind of chic and sporty”. (Also up “because it’s dry shampoo day”. Usually the latter.)

When I first started looking at hairstyles for our big day, everything I could find (especially anything with a veil) was an up-do. Even the “down” versions were more of a “side swept ponytail” kind of vibe. I couldn’t find any bride wearing a veil who kept her hair down in loose, flowing waves. Because that was what I wanted – loose, flowing waves. I wanted my hair to be sexy. (But, like, in a classic, romantic sort of way.)

Wherever you are in the process – whether you’re determined to wear your hair in a sleek bun, or debating on whether or not it’s “okay” to wear your hair down and straight, remember that this is ultimately your day. Wear your hair however you feel prettiest – because the only way to do it wrong is if you end up hating how your hair looks on your wedding day.

Things to consider when deciding how to wear your hair on your wedding day:

  1. Do you have a veil?
    And if so, how does it clip into your hair? Is it a clip, or a wide tooth comb? (Probably the latter, I think most of them are combs). While wavy and curly hair are usually better suited for maintaining a hairpiece (because they’re usually a little thicker), you can work with a stylist to figure out how to make it last all night, no matter your hair texture. (Don’t forget to check the style to make sure you like it without the veil incase you want to ditch it for the after party!)
  2. Is your wedding outdoors?
    And will it be hot? Let’s face it – we all sweat, even brides. And unfortunately heat and humidity can also wreak havoc on our hair. Leaving it down could cause it to frizz, lose it’s curl, and potentially even get stuck to the back of your neck when you start sweating. I’m not saying don’t wear it down if you really want to, I’m just saying… consider the end result.
  3. What does your dress look like?
    Believe it or not, the dress itself could have a huge impact on how you wear your hair. The idea is that your hair should “match” the vibe of your gown. For example – if you’re rocking a vintage, rustic look (think: lots of lacy boho vibes), wearing your hair in loose, natural waves will help to compliment the dress. Wearing a ballgown? An elegant up-do will show off your dress and help to accommodate a veil.
  4. Are you going to do your own hair?
    I’m not saying that you have to have someone else do your hair, but I know that I personally would have had extremely limited options if I’d chosen to do my own hair for the wedding. Like, it would have either been down, or in a pony-tail. And if it was down, there was no guarantee that I would like it. Sometimes I can do my hair and it looks awesome – other times, it looks like I hopped out of the shower and let it air-dry on the beach. Know your strengths. If you choose to do your own hair, know what you’re truly capable of doing with it (and practice, practice, practice before the big day!)
  5. What makes you feel prettiest?
    Honestly. Do you feel like a sexy, badass bride-to-be when your hair is down and hate the way it looks when it’s up? Or do you feel like an elegant princess when your hair is pulled back into a sleek bun and out of your face? Either way – this is YOUR day and you need to do what’s right for you!

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