What To Expect At Your First Dress Fitting

What To Expect At Your First Dress Fitting

Tip #1 – wear underwear. Not that I didn’t wear underwear, of course. I’m not that kind of girl, the kind of girl who goes commando to her dress fitting – her wedding dress fitting nonetheless.

I just wish I’d worn “real” underwear. You know, the kind that covers my entire butt, and not just some of my butt.

“Can you hold this?” The bridal consultant asked me to hold a section of tulle from the bottom layer of my dress.

In my defense, I didn’t know I’d have the company of a “bridal consultant” in the dressing room with me. Honestly I assumed they would let me get dressed on my own, wrap a tape measure around my waist and call it a day after saying “Yep! Still fits!” .

In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t get things “fitted” very often. Or, ever.

“What kind of bra were you planning to wear?” Bridal Consultant Girl asked me. “This one?” By ‘this one’ she meant the normal looking bra that I was wearing – the kind that had straps. The kind that probably wouldn’t look so hot with a strapless dress so, no, obviously I wasn’t planning on wearing that one.

“Oh, uh, no.” I said awkwardly. “I still need to find a strapless bra….” Honestly I wasn’t planning on wearing a bra at all – at least not to the fitting, but I didn’t know how uncomfortable Bridal Consultant Betty was going to feel if we were alone in a dressing room together and I ripped off my bra. I was already wearing half-an-underwear (a thong. I was wearing a thong. Can I say that? Let’s just clear it up right now so that you don’t think I was wearing some sort of gross, old underwear with holes in it or something).

“You need cups.” She told me. At the time I’d wondered if this was her seamstress-y way of telling me that I needed bigger boobs. “Here.” She said handing me two…. well, two boob cups. That’s what they are. They looked like a chicken cutlet bra, but they were made out of fabric and designed to be sewn into dresses. “Take that off,” She said, referring to the bra that I was wearing. “We’ll use these.”

Geez,.. I made my husband buy me dinner first, but OKAY BETTY.

We don’t have to continue on with the awkward details of my lack of preparedness. Are you uncomfortable yet? Me too. Let’s skip ahead to what YOU should do to be prepared for your first wedding dress fitting.

#1 – Bring the appropriate under garments. Whatever you’re planning to wear with your dress, wear those on the day of your fitting. Specifically the bra.

#2 – Bring any shape wear. Okay – so the Spanx that you’re talking about wearing? Bring those to your appointment. Put them on when they’re sizing you up for your dress. I can promise, not a single Betty will judge you. The point is to fit the dress to your EXACT measurements that you’ll be on your wedding day – shape wear included.

#3 – Bring your shoes. Your heels. Are you wearing heels on your wedding day? Bring them. And if you don’t have them yet – bring some that are the same height. The key here is – SAME HEIGHT. If they measure the length of your dress while you’re wearing 3 inch heels, and then on the wedding day you show up with 4 1/2 inch heels – guess whose dress is going to be too short? That’s right, yours.

#4 – Bring any accessories that you’ve purchased. Your veil? Check. That necklace you want to wear? Check. The clip thing you bought to put in your hair? Bring it. Consider your dress fitting a “dress rehearsal” for your wedding – this is your chance to see how everything pulls together before the big day.

#5 – Try to move around. It’s intuitive to want to stand extremely still when someone is poking pins into the dress your wearing – but try to move around as much as you can. After all – you won’t be standing still all day long at your wedding. Walk around. Sit. Raise your arms. Imagine getting in and out of a car. Is it doable? Make sure you’re prepared.

#6 – Figure out your bathroom plan. It’s a poofy dress. I mean – even if it’s NOT poofy, chances are, you haven’t yet had to go to the bathroom while wearing a floor length gown. Might as well figure it out now before it’s time to put your plan to action.

#7 – Bring someone who can help in case you’ll need help getting in or out of the dress. For example, mine had a corset. It took my mom and two of my bridesmaids to figure out how to lace up said corset because I wasn’t smart enough to bring anyone with me during the fitting.

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