FAQs to include on your wedding website | Destination Wedding Edition

FAQs to include on your wedding website | Destination Wedding Edition

People have a lot of questions when it comes to destination weddings. Once you and your partner decide to take the leap and invite Grandma to your “wedding weekend in Mexico”, you are no longer just a bride and groom – you’ve also taken on the daunting responsibility of “free travel agent”. Grandma wants to know which hotel you’ve recommended for her, where you’ve presumably made dinner reservations, and if she needs to find her “own way” from the airport to the hotel, or “maybe there’s a shuttle? What time is everyone else flying in? Do they have Uber in Mexico?”

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was, like, a website or something – you know, something that everyone could easily access that isn’t getting lost in a pile of mail with your invitation – wouldn’t it be nice if all of the answers to these questions were in one convenient place?

Oh, right. That magical, convenient place is called YOUR WEDDING WEBSITE. (And if you’re doing a destination wedding, you should definitely have one. It will save you so many “What time should I fly in?” texts and “Which hotel?” phone calls.)

Basic Wedding-Related Questions

Where are the ceremony and reception taking place?
What time is the ceremony?
Can I bring my children?
How do I RSVP?
When are the RSVPs due?
What is the dress code?
Will parking be available at the venue and/or hotel?
Will the ceremony and reception be indoors or outdoors?
Does your wedding have a theme?
What happens after the ceremony? (Will there be time to kill during cocktail hour?)
How do I get to the venue? (Make sure to provide the address if you haven’t already, but let people know if there are any tricky roads to navigate, or if there will be a shuttle available from the hotel.)
Can I bring a date? (Believe it or not, people will ask. Even if you didn’t include a plus one on their invitation -trust me, people will ask.)
Will food and drinks be served at the reception? (Let people know if you’re only serving appetizers, or if we’re doing the full sit-down meal.)
Do you have a wedding hashtag? (In case someone wants to post pictures on social media – let them use your personal hashtag so that you can find them later!)
Where are you registered?
Who should I contact if I have questions the day of the wedding?

Travel Related Questions

Which airport(s) should I fly into?
Do you have a hotel room block? (if you don’t, it’s nice to suggest hotels nearby so that guests can plan to stay close together. That makes it easier to carpool from location to location.)
Will I need a passport?
Is Uber available there? Or taxis? (Double check if you’re planning to get married in a small town, some times public transportation can be hard to find.)
What transportation is available for the weekend? (Honestly sometimes it’s easier to just a rent a bus.)
What is the weather like this time of year? (If it’s cold, let people know. Or if you’re going to Arizona in the middle of July – be sure to let people know that it will be hot. YES you’d think people should already know, but some of them don’t – just tell them so they don’t have to ask.)
Are there any fun attractions nearby? (What’s your favorite hot spot? Your guests will undoubtedly have some down time, let them know your favorite hangouts so that they can explore on their own!)

Wedding Event Questions

Are there other wedding events I can attend? (Are you hosting a welcome dinner, or a morning after brunch? Be sure to let people know where you want them to be and what time you want them to show up.)
Do you have activities planned outside of the wedding events? (Okay, so ‘wedding events’ are usually things like: rehearsal dinner, maybe a brunch, etc. Other activities might include: “On this day, we’re planning to do some sightseeing if anyone wants to join!” etc.)

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