Nine Things On Your Wedding Planning Checklist You Can Do From Your Couch

Nine Things On Your Wedding Planning Checklist You Can Do From Your Couch

I planned most of our wedding from our couch. It was a team effort really – me, the couch, and my laptop. And Kyle, who would periodically tell me that everything was going to be okay, then ask me “what time is the ceremony again?”, “what’s the name of our venue?”, and the occasional, “no, I’m not wearing a bow-tie”

“Come on,” I begged him, showing him photos of dudes on their wedding day wearing bow-ties. “Look.” I would point out, scrolling through the Instagram hashtag #brideandgroomphotos. “Bow-tie.” I showed him. “And doesn’t this guy look so classy?”

There’s no need to go into “who won” or “who lost” the bow-tie debate, as we all know – there should be no “winning” or “losing” in marriage. We both won – because we got married.

(But if you happen to see photos from our wedding, please note how handsome my husband looks in that bow-tie. Because he looked so good that day.)

Aside from convincing your future hubby that he should wear a bow-tie that day, here are nine other things that you can do on your wedding planning checklist directly from the comfort of your couch (because, take it from me, I literally planned EVERYTHING from my couch. We had a destination wedding 2,000 miles away, on the other side of the country, so – no, I wasn’t visiting venues or meeting in-person with florists. It was allllll done over the Internet, with a little bit of luck.)

  1. Create Your Wedding Website
    This is easy to do. You don’t need to ask your “tech-y friend” for help. Wedding website builders offered by companies like Zola and The Knot are designed for brides and grooms who haven’t had experience with “coding” or… I don’t know, other website-builder-techy-terms. (I don’t build websites, clearly.) If you need help figuring out what to include on your website, check out “Everything you’ll need for your wedding website” here and “FAQs to include on your wedding website” here.
  2. Complete Your Wedding Registry
    This is a fun one. It’s like shopping, but not really. The majority of websites will let you create registries completely online without going into the store. Think – Crate & Barrel, Amazon, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc.
  3. Seek Inspiration For Your “Colors”
    Pinterest!!!! Now that you’re actually planning a wedding, Pinterest is a real tool! It’s not just something that you waste your time on looking for outfits that you’ll never wear and recipes that you’ll never make. Now you can actually use it to help you PLAN! If you’re just getting started – head over to our Pinterest account for inspiration!
  4. Order Your Invitations
    You can use websites like Minted, Shutterfly, Zola and Paper Culture to personally design and order your invitations, all from the comfort of your laptop. When we started to do our own, I thought I was going to be fancy and use Adobe InDesign…. turns out, you really don’t need that. We ended up using Minted and it did most of the work for us. Websites like these offer thousands of templates, so all you need to do is plug in your information and click “order”!
  5. Put Together Your Guest List
    Yes, this includes that list your mom came up with that has names of people you’re pretty sure you’ve never met before but she insists that you have. Figure out your budget, and your venue limitations (for example, some venues will only let you have 150 guests, or 100 guests, etc) (Do this first. In fact, if you haven’t done that yet, add those things to this list ) Anyway – try to make cuts where you can and feel they’re necessary, but then sit down with your future hubby and put together your FINAL guest list.
  6. Decide How To Wear Your Hair On The Big Day (Plus Jewelry, Shoes, Etc.)
    This is fun too. I had an entire Pinterest board dedicated to “Wedding hair” because I wasn’t sure how to wear it. And should I have a veil? What kind of veil? Believe it or not – you can do most of this from your computer. Check out photos of other weddings, brides, Pinterest pins for inspiration! (Also, if you haven’t bought your dress yet – you can do the same for that. I did most of my dress shopping online and then went to the store when I decided on the ones I wanted to try on!)
  7. Plan Out Any Other Wedding Related Events
    Are you doing a “morning after brunch”? What about a rehearsal dinner? Have you blocked off rooms at a hotel for out of town guests? If you’re doing a destination wedding, you can also research the area where you’ll be getting married and plan an itinerary or “list of local attractions” for your guests.
  8. Research Your Venue
    Assuming that you have a venue. If you don’t, research venues, plural. Try to find one. But if you have a venue, check out their wedding photos on Instagram or on their website so that you can get ideas for your own wedding photos!
  9. Get Inspiration For Your Cake
    Our wedding cake was designed by someone I never actually saw in person (only communicated with via email), because I sent her a picture I found on Pinterest and said “This is what I want”. The Internet is a fantastic thing, ladies. Don’t be afraid to use it!

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