How Do I Re-Plan My Wedding?

How Do I Re-Plan My Wedding?

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“Seriously? I have to postpone my wedding all because someone in China decided to eat a bat?”

I don’t know if that’s how all of this started. That’s just what I read on the Internet. But we all know that if it’s on the Internet, it must be true. Right?

So, someone in China ate bat stew (again, that’s speculation. I’m not a doctor, or a scientist, and have done zero fact-checking on this, so in all honesty the bat thing could be total BS -)

But for the sake of getting-t0-the-point, let’s just presume that someone, somewhere, picked up this super contagious virus, brought it into our country, spread it around, and now we all have to wear face masks when we go into the grocery store.

And the CDC canceled all of the pool parties, and graduations, and weddings this spring/summer. So now we’ve got a bunch of angry brides on our hands. Cool.

I bet whoever ate that bat is really regretting it now. Kind of like that kid who licked a toilet seat and also got Covid-19 (true story. Not all kids are smart. Neither are all adults, for that matter.)

Everyone will try to be positive when you tell them that you’re postponing your wedding. “Your new day will be beautiful“, they’ll say. “It’s going to be perfect.”

And it will be. It will be perfect and beautiful and everything that you’ve always imagined your wedding to be. And, truthfully, the day will seem that much sweeter once it’s finally here.

But sometimes you just want someone to tell you that it sucks. You’ve had to postpone your entire wedding because someone in China ate a bat? Yea. That sucks.

That really freaking sucks.

Why would anyone even eat a bat? They’re basically flying rodents, right? They’re part of the rat family?

Anyway. Not the point of this conversation.

The point is – yes, this sucks. Some of you may have had to put a lot of other things on hold simply by postponing your wedding. Maybe you’ve had to put off starting a family, or buying a home, or maybe you’ve had to completely re-think the construct of your wedding day.

We don’t know when all of this will “end”, or when the CDC will lift the social distancing guidelines. We don’t know the long term effects this could potentially have on our society. There are things about out our world that will never be the same, even once we’re on the other side of this.

But it’s important to focus on the positives as much as you can. Even small wins are wins.

Don’t look at what everyone else is doing. Much like planning your wedding the first time around, when everyone had an opinion (that you didn’t ask for) – everyone will also have an opinion about the way that you’re re-planning it.

“Why don’t you do your wedding at home instead?”, “Why don’t you wait another year and just have the big wedding? What’s wrong with being engaged for another year?”, “Why not a backyard wedding? Invite eight people. Have the reception later!”

There isn’t a “wrong” way to do this. After all, this is still your day. Just like planning a wedding without all of this COVID-19 stuff, a wedding isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Whatever you and your fiancé decide is the right decision, then that’s the right decision.

You’re not the only one who has been affected by the ramifications of this virus. It’s important to look for the positives anywhere we can find them and be grateful for what we have.

You have a healthy partner who loves you.
You have the ability to postpone if that’s what you choose to do.
You have the ability to get married in your living room, if that’s what you choose to do.

And you can whine and say that it’s not fair – and you’re right, it’s not – but that won’t really change anything now, will it?

It’s important to start looking forward and focusing on the new future. Start getting excited again. Re-vamp your ideas. Re-focus your energy.

Trust your gut feeling. This is you big day and it should be everything you wanted.

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