Seven Common Questions Brides Don’t Ask Until Their Wedding Day

Seven Common Questions Brides Don’t Ask Until Their Wedding Day

It wasn’t until we were actually standing there, at the alter, face to face, when I realized that I was nervous about messing up the vows.

We didn’t even write our own vows. We went the “repeat after me” route where all we needed to do was repeat after the minister and then say “I do” at the end. But as I was standing there, listening to the minister say “in sickness and in health”, I suddenly started to get very nervous that I was going to forget something he said – even though he would have LITERALLY JUST SAID IT – and then we’d have to start all over.

That didn’t happen (thank God), but it’s one of those things you don’t think about until the moment is already happening. Along with these other awkward moments that can potentially happen as the bride that no one thinks about until the day of –

  • “What am I supposed to do with my engagement ring during the ceremony?”

    So, the “rule” is that the wedding band is supposed to be worn “closest to your heart”, which means they should slide onto your finger in this order – wedding band, engagement ring. Obviously if you’re already wearing the engagement ring on your left hand, your groom is going to be putting the ring on backwards. To avoid this – you can wear the engagement ring on your right hand and then switch it back after the ceremony.
  • “What should I do with my phone during the ceremony?”

    Hand it off to someone. Your mom. One of your friends with a purse. I think our photographer held on to mine. Basically hand it over to anyone you trust that’s willing to keep an eye on it for a few hours – you don’t need it, you’re busy getting married. Anyone you care about that would be trying to contact you already knows this.
  • “How much should I tip the hair and make-up team?”

    Just as you would in a hair salon, between 15-20% is perfectly acceptable. (Maybe a little extra if someone has a meltdown, like one of your bridesmaids who requires a last minute touch-up.)
  • “Should I tip anyone else? Like the photographer?”
    Certain vendors won’t be expecting a tip, like your photographer (although you should offer them a meal), but other vendors will: any delivery crews, the set-up/clean-up crew, the reception staff, and your transportation will expect a tip at the end of the night. Be sure to have it ready for them.

    **Tip breakdown**
    (Delivery crew and set-up crew) – $5 – $10 per person. You can put it all into an envelope and drop it off to the catering manager the day before the wedding to hand out accordingly.
    (Reception staff) – 15-20% of the food and drink bill, just like you would in a restaurant. Put this in an envelope and hand it to the coordinator at the end of the night. (You may need to wait until then to see what the final tab is so that you can do your calculations accordingly).
    (Transportation) – 15-20% of the total bill. Tip the driver at the end of the night after your last ride.
  • “When should I eat?”
    I didn’t eat much the day that I got married, because I honestly forgot to. I know how that sounds – but honestly, the day was such a whirlwind that I literally forgot to eat. Be sure to eat breakfast and try to have a light lunch, even if you’re only snacking in the hotel room while you’re getting ready. You’ll want to have food in your stomach so that you’ll have energy for the rest of the day (and also for any alcohol that you may consume later on).

    Chances are you won’t eat much at dinner – which is crazy considering how much you probably paid for it, but honestly, you’re going to feel pulled in a hundred different directions during dinner, so it’s best to fill up on food earlier in the day when you can.
  • “What if I have to pee while wearing my dress?”
    You’re going to need a friend. Yes, someone is going to have to go into the stall with you and hold your dress while you pee. Trust me – it’s a bonding experience, and you’ll laugh about it later.
  • “Where should I be looking when I walk down the aisle? The photographer, or the crowd? Or my groom?”
    Wherever you want. If you want to look at the crowd, great. If you want to keep your eyes on your groom, that’s fine too. Either way, no one is going to care whether or not you’re looking at them – because they’re too busy looking at you!

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