Six Unique Ideas In Lieu Of A Wedding Registry

It’s not that I’m not jazzed about the idea of someone buying us a gravy boat and a cheeseboard that we’ll only use “when company comes over”, but the idea of putting it on some list and asking someone to buy it for us… I don’t know. It just feels a little…

“Icky” isn’t the right word. But when you and your fiancé are almost thirty years old, with decent jobs and a fully stocked apartment… I’m sorry, why are we asking Grandma to buy us a $75 gravy boat? Isn’t she basically living off of her life savings at this point?

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“I Hate Being The Center Of Attention… But I’m The Bride At This Bridal Shower!”

My parents used to call it “shy”. I was a “shy” kid. Which I hated because I didn’t want to be “shy”, I wanted to be the kid who wasn’t afraid to talk in class. Being afraid to talk is weird. I wanted to be able to raise my hand to answer a simple question without giving myself a mental pep talk to raise my hand.

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Can You Have a bridal shower if you plan to elope?

January 13, 2020 in Bridal Shower, Wedding Planning

One of our first wedding related “arguments” happened when we were deciding whether or not we should have a bridal shower. I was on the side of “No, we’re not inviting anyone to the wedding so why should we send them an invitation that says ‘please buy us a present even though you’re not invited to the ceremony'” and Kyle was on the side of “My mom wants to throw us a bridal shower, so just let her?”

“What would we even register for?” I asked him. “We’re almost thirty years old and have been living on our own together for three years. We already have everything that most couples register for, we don’t need a bridal shower.”

He wasn’t buying it. “What’s the big deal?” He asked. “So we’ll get some new stuff. We can upgrade our old stuff.”

“But we’re not inviting most of these people to the wedding. How tacky is it asking someone to buy us a panini maker when we’re not inviting them to the wedding?”

Eloping can be a tricky thing. Not to say that we totally eloped – often times when I think of “eloping”, I imagine two people romantically running off into the night to secretly get hitched by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. But these days, “eloping” (according to Martha Stewart) can also mean “having a very small wedding that isn’t a secret and includes the couples closest friends and family” (AKA: what we did. Surprisingly there was still a ton of planning to do.)

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