How To Create A Realistic Wedding Budget

Talking about money – especially talking about money with your future in-laws – can be a pretty uncomfortable topic. You might as well be telling them about that time when you got wasted at a frat party freshman year and –

You know what, there’s a chance they could read this. I’m not going to finish that story.

Early in the planning stages of our wedding (when my “planning” process still consisted of “Pinterest”), I decided that our budget was going to be a nice round number of thirty thousand dollars.

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Popular Money Saving Strategies You SHOULDN’T Follow

March 21, 2020 in Budgets, Wedding Planning - No Comments

There’s a lot that you can learn about yourself when planning a wedding. For example, I’ve learned that I am a very rare breed of frugal. Meaning – normally I’m not frugal at all.

I mean, I’m not NOT frugal. It’s not like I’m drowning in credit card debt or asking my husband for gas money. But I’m also not saying “Hmm….. two hundred dollars on a couple of (okay, five) shirts from Abercrombie? Gee, I don’t know….” <— I know. I very much know. “I’ll wear those shirts all of the time!” I tell myself. “And what’s two hundred dollars on something that will become a staple in my wardrobe?”

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how to set a realistic budget for your wedding

January 10, 2020 in Budgets, Wedding Planning

The first question our florist asked was, “What are your colors?”

“Um, blush and gold. With white, greenery…. ” I always felt silly throwing “white” in there as one of my colors, considering we all knew my dress was going to be white. But I also wanted white flowers. But would that look weird against my white dress? Are there different shades of white?

“Green isn’t one of my colors, really.” I don’t know why I felt the need to explain ‘greenery’ to a florist. “But I’m thinking… white flowers with a lot of green leaves? Do you know what I mean?” In my mind, I was imagining the most recent cover of People Magazine featuring Lea Michele’s wedding, and I was secretly hoping the florist had also seen this cover and knew exactly what I meant.

“So… maybe an arch?” She suggested. Yes! Lea Michele had an arch in the photo! She DOES know exactly what I mean!

“Yes!” I said, feeling a rush of excitement. “And white petals along the aisle way, and greenery draped over the chairs!”

“And maybe some candles?” She offered. “Very classy.”

“Absolutely!” I agreed, feeling validated somehow that our florist and I seemed to be on the same page.

“Great!” She sounded as excited as I was. “Alright, so let me work out a quote and I’ll send it over to you. Once you sign off on it, we can get started!”

I couldn’t wait. All of the photos of ‘decor inspiration’ I’d been pinning on my secret wedding Pinterest board were about to come to life. When guests came to our ceremony, they would be awed by the magnificence of our classy, elegant ceremony. They would say things like “This looks like a People Magazine cover!” and “I wonder how much THIS cost…”

“Seven thousand dollars?” Kyle didn’t have to wonder how much it cost because, unfortunately, I had to tell him. “Seven thousand dollars? For flowers?”

“And candles.” I added, as if this somehow justified the price. I’ve spent $24.50 on a candle at Bath & Body Works and felt like it was a little splurge-y.

“Can’t we… like, shop around?” He asked me. “Seven thousand dollars is a lot of money that we could put towards something else. Like a honeymoon.”

“But we need flowers,” I reminded. “What if we get rid of the candles? If we just do the arch, it’s only fifty-five hundred.”

“That arch is over five thousand dollars?” He reacted as if I’d just told him…. well, okay, that the arch alone is over five thousand dollars. I agreed, it was more money than we wanted to spend on flowers. It was more money than I’d EVER wanted to spend on flowers collectively throughout my lifetime.

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