What To Write In A “Thank You” Card

Thank you so much for the – no, wait. Does the “so” make it seem insincere? Thank you so much? Let’s try it without the “so”.

Thank you for the……. but does that seem too generic? Like I’m only writing a thank-you card because my mom told me to write a thank-you card?

I really appreciated the…. WE really appreciated the…uh… the thing that you bought us. Crap, what did they buy us again?

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FAQs to include on your wedding website | Destination Wedding Edition

People have a lot of questions when it comes to destination weddings. Once you and your partner decide to take the leap and invite Grandma to your “wedding weekend in Mexico”, you are no longer just a bride and groom – you’ve also taken on the daunting responsibility of “free travel agent”. Grandma wants to know which hotel you’ve recommended for her, where you’ve presumably made dinner reservations, and if she needs to find her “own way” from the airport to the hotel, or “maybe there’s a shuttle? What time is everyone else flying in? Do they have Uber in Mexico?”

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