How to get started writing your own vows

January 15, 2020 in Inspiration, The Vows, Wedding Planning

“I’ve got a few jokes in there,” Kyle warned me about a week before our wedding. Well, not so much ‘warned me’ as ‘bragged to me’. He seemed pretty proud of himself. “You’re definitely going to laugh.”

‘Definitely’. I was ‘definitely’ going to laugh. Great. Over the past three days I’d been struggling to write something heartfelt and meaningful that wasn’t TOO mushy (then again, wedding vows are supposed to be a little mushy, right?) Meanwhile, Ellen Degeneres over here had apparently been prepping for his comedy special.

“What did you write?” I asked him.

“It’s pretty funny,” I swear, if he put something in there about that time I caught the stove on fire and he had to “save the day”….

I, on the other hand, was taking my vow writing very seriously. Granted I wasn’t done yet, but I’d been writing and deleting paragraphs about our first date; how I’d felt about him from the first conversation we’d had over drinks. The way I felt safe with him, and how he’d been a source of comfort to me for the past three years.

Meanwhile, he probably wrote something about how he thinks it’s “cute” that I snore.

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