“We Don’t Want Kids At Our Wedding”

Not wanting kids at your wedding doesn’t mean that you don’t like kids. It just means that you want the kids’ parents to have a good time. It’s not exactly the best parenting move to start doing tequila shots at 9pm when you know that your night is going to be ending around 9:30 because it’s somebody’s bedtime.

Seven Common Questions Brides Don’t Ask Until Their Wedding Day

It wasn’t until we were actually standing there, at the alter, face to face, when I realized that I was nervous about messing up the vows.

We didn’t even write our own vows. We went the “repeat after me” route where all we needed to do was repeat after the minister and then say “I do” at the end. But as I was standing there, listening to the minister say “in sickness and in health”, I suddenly started to get very nervous that I was going to forget something he said – even though he would have LITERALLY JUST SAID IT – and then we’d have to start all over.

“Will My Husband’s Family Finally Like Me Once We’re Married?”

This may be one of the largest growing pains of all when it comes to getting married, but no one really talks about it.

You’re getting more parents. Not “different” parents – I’m assuming the original mom and dad who changed your diapers and gave you life aren’t going anywhere – these aren’t replacement parents, they’re just… additional parents.


How Do I Re-Plan My Wedding?

“Seriously? I have to postpone my wedding all because someone in China decided to eat a bat?”

I don’t know if that’s how all of this started. That’s just what I read on the Internet. But we all know that if it’s on the Internet, it must be true. Right?

Six Unique Ideas In Lieu Of A Wedding Registry

It’s not that I’m not jazzed about the idea of someone buying us a gravy boat and a cheeseboard that we’ll only use “when company comes over”, but the idea of putting it on some list and asking someone to buy it for us… I don’t know. It just feels a little…

“Icky” isn’t the right word. But when you and your fiancé are almost thirty years old, with decent jobs and a fully stocked apartment… I’m sorry, why are we asking Grandma to buy us a $75 gravy boat? Isn’t she basically living off of her life savings at this point?

“I Don’t Know If I Want To Take My Husband’s Last Name”

Assuming your husband didn’t offer your family a goat in exchange for your hand, there is no hard and fast rule that says that you have to change your last name.

This tradition originated during the days of Charlemagne and Alfred the Great (AKA: so long ago that people were referred to as “the Great”) when women lacked an independent identity from their husbands. Back in those days when a woman got married, their fathers – who “owned them”, I guess – were literally giving them away as property to their new husbands.. (It actually says that if you dive into the history of all of this – women were considered “property”.)

How To Create A Realistic Wedding Budget

Talking about money – especially talking about money with your future in-laws – can be a pretty uncomfortable topic. You might as well be telling them about that time when you got wasted at a frat party freshman year and –

You know what, there’s a chance they could read this. I’m not going to finish that story.

Early in the planning stages of our wedding (when my “planning” process still consisted of “Pinterest”), I decided that our budget was going to be a nice round number of thirty thousand dollars.

Our Favorite Bridal Planning Accessories

I love wedding planners. Not wedding planner people (although they’re great too, minus the one who tried to plan my wedding with the luxury of “portable toilets”), but I’m talking about the physical, leather-bound, fill-in-the-dates, organize-the-appointments, fancy-fun wedding planners.

Is It Normal To Argue During Wedding Planning?

Ask your married friends what they argue about the most. Is it money? Is it who has taken on “more responsibilities” (whatever that means – for some couples this could mean “chores”, for others it might be “kids” or “career”, or some combination of the two.)

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